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Let’s be Friends!

We see you here every week, buying the freshest local produce around, plants, baked goods and other treats and hand-crafted gifts directly from the artists who made them! And we know how much you enjoy the delicious food here and the sweet treats!

But the Tigard Farmers Market is more than just a great place to shop for delicious food, flowers, crafts, and a host of other delights. It’s also a vibrant gathering place where you can enjoy music, children’s activities including the Market Sprouts program and the Sprouts Community Garden, demos, pop up events and more.

Maybe you’ve been wondering, “Is there something I can do to let the Tigard Farmers Market know exactly how much it means to me?” Well, here’s the answer – yes! You can become a Friend of the Market (FOM) and help us continue to provide this unique weekly experience.  Join our FOMly!

The Tigard Farmers Market is an arm of a non-profit, and it runs on a tight budget, like many non-profits. Here are some of the things that your Friend of the Market sponsorship will help us do:

  • Increase public awareness of the Market by showcasing and promoting local farmers and producers
  • Help us with outreach to low-income individuals and families so they purchase fresh, locally-grown fruits and vegetables and take advantage of our Double Up Food Bucks Program
  • Provide community education through programs such as the Market Sprouts Program, Kids’ Vending Day, Sprouts Community Garden and our community e-newsletter
  • Support the long-term growth and success of this beloved local market and our dedicated vendors.

Truly, every dollar helps! Show your “Friend of the Market” cling proudly – you’re making a difference!  There are a variety of ways to join the FOMly.


Friends of the Market