What’s Ripe


Calendar of Produce

The following dates are approximate times that you can find these fresh offerings at the Tigard Market.

There are exceptions to the rules:

  • hothouse tomatoes in June
  • late season asparagus and raspberries in August

Use these dates as “typical” times to plan your canning and freezing – and come to the market for lots of surprises!

Hungry?   Bring your appetite to enjoy Vietnamese food, Bavarian sausage, and fresh baked breads and pastries!

JUNE Bedding & Vegetable Plants
early June
early June
Sweet Cherries
mid June
late June
JULY Pie (tart) Cherries
early July
early July
Marionberries Apricots
mid July
mid July
Cut Flowers
mid July
Early Red Haven Peaches
late July
Pickling Cucumbers
late July
AUGUST Red Haven Peaches
early August

mid August

Tomatoes Corn
Bartlett Pears
mid August
Freestone Peaches
mid August
Gravenstein Apples
mid August
SEPTEMBER Fresh Cider “Winter”
Pears & Fall Apples
mid September
OCTOBER Squash Brussell Sprouts Pumpkins